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The Forty Thieves are a large and seemingly indefatigable network of thieves, smugglers, and other criminally inclined citizens, operating in every town and tracing its origin to the early days of the Empire. It's said that in the past, the forty kingpins of forty largest towns used to coordinate the network. Speculation is divided as to the relations and ties of the Forty Thieves of yore and its current incarnation, but the name persists.

Details of the leadership and structure of the Forty Thieves are currently unknown. However, it is known to have a branch in Teron headquartered above the tavern in the Gate district. There is also a guild hall found in the area past the slums of Maadoran. Small group of thieves is operating in Ganezzar

Use of the Thieves' Cant, a form of slang known only to those with ties to the Forty Thieves (or those who can fake said connections), is a well-known characteristic of any affiliated ruffian, and the dialect is a hallmark of the organization.

The Guildmaster of the Forty Thieves in Teron is Cado. In Teron the guild operates out of a local tavern - a popular destination for people who feel at home in dark alleys and shadier parts of town.

The Guildmaster of the Forty Thieves in Maadoran is Levir

The Guildmaster of the Forty Thieves in Ganezzar is Glabrio



Cado Forty Thieves Quest:

  1. Thief Starter Quest
  2. Taking Care Of Business
  3. Linos' Gold
  4. Escape From Teron


  1. The Magic Jar
  2. Welcome To The Slums
  3. Payback


  1. The mole rat


Little is known about when and how the Forty Thieves of Teron was founded, but it is rumored to have been around as long as Empire has. As the time continued, the Forty Thieves slipped further and further into obscurity and the members and regular clients began to leave.