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ADC (Armor Denting Chance) - is the chance to damage your opponent's armor.

  • Success reduces the DR (Damage Resistance of your opponent's armor.
  • You can score a successful ADC (armor denting chance) against a regular block; You can't damage armor on a perfect block.
  • Chance is affected by hardness and special attacks.
  • Do NOT confuse this with the hammer passive. ADC is an independent check that the game does for EVERY SINGLE WEAPON. Hammer passive is a passive roll. Both can happen, btw!


ADC = Weapon hardness +/- attack modifier - armor hardness


  • Let weapon hardness be 40 and you use a fast attack (-15%)
  • Against an armor with a hardness value of 10:
40 - 15 - 10 = 15% chance to dent on hit.
See: DR, Hardness

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