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A Friend In Need is one of the quests in The Age of Decadence.
Commercium Quest.

Lore[ | ]

The Imperial Guards are up to something. Talk to Mercato and find out what he knows. You can find him in Cado's Tavern

Rewards[ | ]

  • 20 SP
  • 150 Imperials
  • Commercium Reputation +1
  • 454 Imperials (optional win)

Quick Walkthrough[ | ]

  • Talk to Cado in Teron Tavern.
  • Talk to Mercato in Teron Tavern

Detailed Walkthrough[ | ]

Phase 1 - Get Mercato to talk[ | ]

  • Talk to Cado in Teron Tavern.
    1. Seek his help
    2. Go to Mercato
  • Talk to Mercato in Teron Tavern
    • [Intelligence] Play a game of chance.
      • Failure to get him in debt leads to cheating option, or a direction to Cado.
    • [Dexterity][Streetwise] Play a game of chance. Attempt to cheat.
      • Full/Partial success leads to "Phase 2 - Getting information"
      • Failure leads to Mercato attacking you. -2 Max HP.

Failure[ | ]

If you fail to get Mercato into debt by yourself, you can:

  1. Seek help from Cado to help you by:
    • threatening him (-3 Reputation Forty Thieves)
    • sign a document of co-operation (Outcome is resolved in The Loose Ends)
  2. Return to Linos for a second chance (after taking help from Cado only)
    • Job will be ended by Zenon

Phase 2 - Getting information[ | ]

  • Convince him to give information out of mutual benefits
    1. Gains co-operation through free will
    2. Chance to get information on his past with Carrinas
  • Threaten him - remind him of his debt
    1. Gains co-operation through threat

Statistics, Skills and Backgrounds checks[ | ]

Phase 1[ | ]

  • Ask Cado to help
  • "I'm not here to talk. If you want to play a game, have a seat. Otherwise, get lost."
    1. Intelligence<[7], loses 40 imperials - fails to get Mercato into debt
    2. [7]<=Intelligence<=[9], gains 78 imperials - fails to get Mercato into debt
    3. Intelligence=[10], gains 454 imperials - gets Mercato into debt, go to phase 2
    4. Dexterity=[7] + Streetwise=[3]
      • If success, gets Mercato into debt, go to phase 2
      • If failed, checks Charisma:[8]
  • Ask Linos for second chance
    1. Persuasion: [3]

Phase 2[ | ]

  • "And why would I tell you?"
  • "Then go and ask him."
    • Trading + Persuasion = [7] "You're not thinking it through, Mercato. If Carrinas is out, you're in. You get the job you wanted plus plenty of gold in your pockets. Do you really see a downside?"
      1. "There is always a downside when one deals with your guild, merchant."
      2. Persuasion + Charisma = [14] "Not when we want what you want. We want to have a Commander who isn't a fanatic like Carrinas, but a reasonable man who appreciates the finer things in life, a man with an open mind, a man we can deal with. Think of it as a partnership. Think of how far you'd be able to go with the full backing of the Commercium."
    • Streetwise=[2] + Persuasion=[2] "Let's not pretend that you have you choice. You don't want to deal with Cado's thugs, do you?"
      1. "I can handle them." Mercato waves dismissively
      2. Streetwise + Persuasion = [7] "Do you? Can you handle a crossbow bolt in your back? Poison in your wine? Cado can't let you walk away without settling your debt. It's bad for business. Is Carrinas really worth dying for?"
    • (hidden check) Streetwise=[3] "Not an answer I expected from a man who owes us money."
      1. Streetwise + Charisma = [12] "Your brothers? Do you see any around here? Will they help you pay your debts? You're all alone, Mercato, and the only friend you've got right now is me."
      2. Streetwise + Charisma = [13] "If you decide to cross the Commercium, you mean? I can assure that that you'll regret it for the rest of your life."
  • "So what happened between you and Carrinas?"
    1. Charisma:[8] and depending on how you won his co-operation

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