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A New Broom Sweeps Clean is a quest in Maadoran.

Lore[ | ]

Talk to Serenas' advisors or Legatus Pavola and get them on board.

Rewards[ | ]

Quick Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Talk to Lorenza
  2. Talk to Pavola
  3. Talk to Strabos
  4. Talk to Serenas

Detailed Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Talk to Lorenza
    1. If you killed Senna for her in previous quest, she will consider your request
    2. Convince her
    3. Convince her (continued)
      • Persuasion:[6], "Sooner or later he will be."
      • Streetwise:[5], "Then you will blame it on Serenas and Pavola and make peace with him."
  2. Talk to Pavola
    1. Convince him
      • Streetwise:[3], "Look at you. A Legatus of the Imperial Guards taking orders from women and merchants."
      • Persuasion:[4], "Serenas isn’t going to stay a puppet forever."
    2. Convince him (continued)
      • Streetwise:[4], "Start a war? Don’t tell me that you let them convince you that the Imperial Guards can't handle some thugs."
      • Persuasion:[5], "I was told that the Imperial Guards were charged with keeping order in the city..."
  3. Talk to Strabos
    1. If you helped him become a lord in previous quest, he will consider your request
    2. Persuasion+Streetwise=[9], "Here is the thing. Serenas, the man who gave you your title..."
      • (If Senna is dead) Streetwise=[3], "I would. He had Senna killed. You’ve got him all wrong."
        • Streetwise:[4], "I killed him myself. I delivered him a message from his Lordship earlier today."
      • Persuasion:[5], "Serenas is a figurehead, Pavola is a figurehead..."
  4. Talk to Serenas
    • Tell him that his plan was approved (you only need approval from one of the advisors)
    • Tell him that the attack on The Slums is a bad idea

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