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Aegis Of The Magi

Aegis of the Magi - A strange suit of armor.

  • Value: 1000 coins
  • Weight: 40.0 lb

Gameplay[ | ]

Cannot be wielded as armor. Can be used to enter in The Arch to have an extended conversation with the entity there.

Obtaining the Aegis of the Magi[ | ]

By impressing Meru and passing the sacred chamber you will gain the opportunity to go with him to Al-Akia, where the aegis lies hidden.

Lore<=[8] check gives additional background info.

Lore[ | ]

You open the door and recoil in horror as the light reflects off a dozen eyes staring at you. It takes you a moment to realize that you're looking not at a demon but at a strange, almost grotesque set of armor you've ever seen.

The helmet reminds you of the murmillo helmet, but it's perfectly round and much bigger and heavier. There are sixteen eyeholes covered with thick glass, suggesting that the helmet is immovable. Such armor would be worse than useless in combat, yet it was crafted with great care and precision.

There is a single word engraved on it - Aegis.

~ PC on discovery of item
[lore success] You remember an old tale of a giant called Aegir who had such a terrifying visage that even beasts and monsters dwelling in the darkest corners of the world were afraid of him. Thus he could travel freely where no other man - not even the greatest of the Magi - could follow.

~ PC on recalling lore