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Aemolas trying to get his family into Teron.

Aemolas is a refugee from Aemolas Village. You first encounter him in Act I at Teron Gate.

Background[ | ]

Sometime in the past, Aemolas saw a chance to steal Mykkos's gold and fled with his loot. He settled in a village for a few years and lived like a king. Mykkos sniffed him out and Aemolas fled, not before being pierced by a crossbow bolt.

Traveling refugees found him in the desert and saved him. Aemolas feels indebted to them.

Location[ | ]

Quests[ | ]

At the gates...

The guards imposed a levy of 150 imperials (30 per head). If you don't have enough gold, it is impossible to proceed.
  • Pay the entrance levy.
  • Trading:[3] Pay 100 imperials.
  • Talk to the refugees.
    1. The leader, an old man pleads for your help. He's a smith and would repay your kindness tenfold.
      • "Don't worry about it." Pay the entrance levy.
      • "Tenfold? Since the entrance levy is a hundred and fifty imperials, I want you to pay me fifteen hundred imperials when you settle in."
      • Trading:[3] Pay 100 imperials.
      • Praetor "Let them in."

Old man says he's in your debt gives his name as Aemolas. He asks you to look for him at the market square.

At Teron Merchants Plaza (after helping him)...

Phrygian Armor (Bronze)

If you paid for Aemolas's family to enter Teron (without negotiating future repayment from him) or used Praetor background option, he gifts you a suit of Phrygian Armor (upgrades: Masterwork [tier 2]; Reinforced [tier 2]. Value: 176 g).

AemolasMarketplace "I've been waiting for you, my friend. Thanks to your generosity, my family is safe. It seems that there is a good demand for bronze armor. I've already got several orders, but repaying my debt to you comes first. Please accept this humble gift - the armor of my people. May it keep you safe."

~ Aemolas on repayment

If you asked for future repayment, he'll pay you 150 imperials and no more.

  • You can stalk him to Ameolas' House but he'll still refuse to pay.
  • If you choose to fight, it'll be against three of them.

Aemolas' Gold

Ask about his village in the Merchants Plaza (Word of Honor:[1])

There is only one attempt. Gaining honor reputation after asking about the village will not trigger the quest - Aemolas' Gold


Expiry[ | ]

Aemolas will not appear at the gates after you travel to Maadoran (Act II).


Aemolas at Marketplace

Store List[ | ]

Loot List (Cheat-code)

Console Command: apmsLootItemlist(aemolasMerchandise)

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