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Al-Akia is one of the locations in the Empire.

Lore[ | ]

Constructed centuries ago in the middle of the desert, Al-Akia was said to be a magnificent, sprawling complex, shrouded in secrecy. Unfortunately, drafting sands claimed it a long time ago. Only the tip of the Great Pyramid still remains above the ground, defying time and decay.

Background[ | ]

Al-Akia is ancient temple once used to pour the essence of a god into a human vessel. Players will have the opportunity to visit the temple if they cooperate with Lord Meru. In many games, Al-Akia will not be accessible.

Walkthrough[ | ]


  • Upon arrival, talk to the Loremaster and six Aurelian soldiers will appear. You can attack them or try to argue with them. If you try to argue with them, the tests are:
    1. Streetwise + Charisma;
    2. [Streetwise + Charisma] or Persuasion + Lore;
    3. [Streetwise + Charisma] or [Persuasion + Streetwise] (> 15).
  • After that, you must return to Ganezzar and talk with Meru. He will set another expedition to go there in person. This time you will get in the building.

First floor:

  • The locked door needs Lockpick:[6] to open. However, you can get to the same area by using the stairs next to this door. You will have to deal with a Scolopendra, either by attacking it, Sneak or Critical Strike. The facilities behind this door have some sets of notes about important events placed here and the Aegis of the Magi in a metal casket, if you pass a Lore check.

Second floor:

  • The chamber in which Meru will perform the ritual. You can either help him [Lore] or sabotage the ritual.
  • If you sabotage the ritual, you will be able to explore the other part of the second floor. There is a door in the way passing by the stairs, to the left. It can be opened by Strength or Alchemy:[5]. Go up the stairs and find the remains of someone with a Qantari Weapon. You need Axe/Hammer/Sword skill of [5] to recognize the item and be able to pick it up.

NPC[ | ]

  • Loremaster

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