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Alchemy screen

Alchemy is one of the skills in The Age of Decadence. The mystical art of transforming mundane organic and non-organic elements into magical items, like healing salves, potions that destroy metal, liquids that burn, and black powder fireballs. A must-have skill for mad scientists!

Introduction to Alchemy[ | ]

You can use the Alchemy system to create various potions that can temporarily improve or modify you character's abilities, poison to coat your weapons, and flask/bombs that can be thrown at your enemies.

While in the full game you will acquire techniques and reagents from NPCs or through exploration, in the beta you'll receive all techniques and reagents without restrictions for testing purposes. Talk to the alchemist at the inn when you start the game. You can't fail in making the item and lose your ingredients.

There are seven different techniques, plus two modifiers for each technique. You can create (level required):

Self-Use[ | ]

Offensive-Use[ | ]

To create an alchemical item you need a base reagent. For example, to create a basic bomb, you need the black powder (drag it to the first slot on the alchemy screen). To create a fragmentation bomb that works better against armored opponents, you need to add iron balls (drag them to the second slot).

Keep in mind that it's not just the raw damage that matters. The bomb, for example, can knock down your enemies, while the liquid fire can separate them, which is an invaluable ability.

Alchemy reagents[ | ]

For each reagent, the lowest skill required to use it in any way is in parentheses. Most ingredients are only used in one recipe. There is only one Amaranthus Extract and there are only two locations for Dragon's Blood Extract in the game. The other reagents can be purchased from alchemy vendors or found in the environment.

Learning alchemy techniques[ | ]

You can learn alchemy techniques from: