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Arena - Gladiator Area in Maadoran.




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  • Arena Master

Arena Fights[]

To fight talk Arena Master.


  • Brawler
  • Gladiator
  • Executioner
  • Arena Champion



  1. Thief - Dagger user
  2. Zealot - Hammer user with shield
  3. Isatis - Crossbow user with armor
  4. Papa Yochan - Hammer user with armor
  5. Desert Raider - Axe user with armor, and shield, and Throwing Weapons
  6. Barbari - 3 Barbari
  7. Nicander - Spear user
  8. Bendidoros - A big Thracian who is a sword user
  9. Sarpedon - Hasta, Steel Spear (60 imperials)
  10. Ordu
      1. Ordu Swordsman - Sword user with heavy armor
      2. Ordu Archer - Bow user with light armor
    • (80 imperials, +1 Combat, Executioner Rank)
  11. Butcher - Axe user with heavy armor
  12. Mack The Knife - Dagger user with light armor
  13. Triarius
  14. Al Sahir - Sword user with heavy armor
    • (220 imperials,+1 Combat,+1 Prestige, Arena Champion Rank)


  1. Thief - Iron Jambia, (brown) Toga
  2. Zealot - Iron Mallet, Buckler, (red) Long Toga
  3. Isatis - Standard Crossbow (Masterwork(2), Mechanical Upgrade(2)), Leather Armor (Masterwork(2))
  4. Papa Yochan - Iron Sledgehammer (Masterwork(2), Balanced(2)), Reinforced Leather Armor (Masterwork(2), Reinforced(2)), Heavy Barbari Helmet (Masterwork(1))
  5. Desert Raider - Iron Mineb (Masterwork(2), Serrated Edge(2)), Bronze Auxiliary Armor(Masterwork(2), Hardened(2)), Buckler (Masterwork(2)), Bronze Auxiliary Helmet (Masterwork(2), Reinforced(2)), (red) Traveler's Cape, 6x Bronze Handox (Masterwork(1), Balanced(1)), 1x Bronze Handox
  6. Barbari - 3 Barbari
    1. Barbari Brute - Buckler (tba), Iron Spiked Club (Masterwork(2), Hardened(2)), Leather Numeri Armor (tba), Leather Barbari Helmet (tba)
    2. Barbari Swordsman - Cavalry shield (tba), Iron Khopesh (Poison L6, Masterwork 2, Balanced 2), Studded Numeri Armor (tba), Heavy Numeri Helmet (tba)
    3. Barbari Axeman - Iron Shadhavar (Hardened 2, Balanced 2), Studded Barbari Armor (tba), Heavy Barbari Helmet (tba)
  7. Nicander - Pax Deorum, Iron Manica (tba), Iron Murmillo Helmet (tba)
  8. Bendidoros - The Bringer of Storms, Buckler (tba), Phrygian Armor (tba), Noble's cape, Iron Phrygian Helmet (tba)
  9. Sarpedon - Hasta, Steel Spear (60 imperials), antidote
  10. Ordu
    1. Ordu Swordsman - Steel Scimitar, Iron Lamellar Ordu Armor, Iron Lamellar Ordu Helmet
    2. Ordu Archer - Recurved Ordu Bow, Iron Yatagan
  11. Butcher - Steel Labrys, Steel Auxiliary Armor, Steel Murmillo (125 imperials)
  12. Mack The Knife - Steel Jambia, Silk Ordu Armor, Steel Karda, Healing Salve, 1x Net
  13. Triarius
    1. Triarius 2H Hammerman - Steel Warhammer
    2. Triarius Spearman - Steel Hasta
    3. Triarius Swordsman - Steel Gladius
  14. Al Sahir - Blue Steel Shamshir, The Blue Cuirass, Blue Steel Attic Helmet (220 imperials,+1 Combat,+1 Prestige, Arena Champion Rank)


Use Bolas, Nets, Fire, Bombs to beat strong enemy.

Arena Quest Line?[1][]

  1. Hamul - "He's good with a blade and has reflexes of a cat. Some even say there's no one better, but I'll let you be the judge of that." Holds Galbo's Ring.
  2. Plaudius - "Some say he's a prospector, but by the looks of him the only prospecting he's doing is shaking down travelers. Scary looking bastard, but don't let his looks scare you. He favors two-handed hammers, so be ready for it."
  3. The Widowmaker - "They say he killed more than three hundred men. That's quite a reputation, eh?" Equipped with Blue Steel Imperial Armor and Sky Metal Axe. Holds the The Eye of Thor-Agoth.