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Armor doesn't increase your chance to avoid attacks. In fact, it makes hits more likely as it reduces your mobility and makes it harder to dodge incoming attacks. However, armor absorbs some of the damage from attacks when you fail to dodge or block an attack successfully. Basically, using armor trades Dodge and Action points for Damage Resistance.

Sets of armor have different statistics, so you must consider carefully what you fighting style is, and choose your equipment accordingly. Going for the heaviest armor and the biggest weapon may not be the best choice in The Age of Decadence.

For the entire list of each individual armor availabie in the game, see Armors.

Armor Statistics[ | ]

  • Dodge penalty, Sneak penalty - self explanatory
  • Damage Resistance (DR) - how many points of damage from each attack this armor absorbs. For example, if DR is 6, then the first 6 points of damage per attack will be absorbed by the armor without any harm to your character. Note that damage reported in the info window is the amount of damage taken, after the amount absorbed by the armor has been subtracted, which is also reported.
  • Max Action points (MaxAP) - the maximum amount of action points per turn. If Max AP is 8, then even if you have 12AP, while you're wearing this armor your effective AP each round is 8.
  • Versus critical (vsCritical) - protection against Critical Strikes