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Armor Statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Damage Resistance (DR) - how many points of damage from each attack this armor absorbs. For example, if DR is 6, then the first 6 points of damage per attack will be absorbed by the armor without any harm to your character. Note that damage reported in the info window is the amount of damage taken, after the amount absorbed by the armor has been subtracted, which is also reported.
  • Max Action points (MaxAP) - the maximum amount of action points per turn. If Max AP is 8, then even if you have 12AP, while you're wearing this armor your effective AP each round is 8.
  • Versus critical (vsCritical) - protection against Critical Strikes
  • Hardness - your armor can be damaged during attacks. Hardness measures its ability to resist such damage.
  • Armor Penalty to (Dodge & Block Defense) - your armor reduces your mobility, so choose the right armor wisely and don't assume that bigger armor is better for all characters.
  • Sneak penalty - can be check in some dialogue and interactive text segments.
  • Versus critical (vsCritical) - protection against Critical Strikes (attacks that target weak armor spots and vital organs).

Sortable Table[edit | edit source]

After click on the first column of choice for sorting, you may press shift+click for a secondary sort. [1]

Cat ID Description Material DR Hardness MaxAP Penalty Prot vs Critical Weight Image
Armor Sneak
2L 400 Leather Armor - Light leather tunic crafted from hardened, boiled leather. It's not designed to stop heavy blows, but it won't slow you down either. Leather 2 10 12 6 0 30 8 lbs x90px
2L 403 Studded Barbari Armor - A minor improvement on the plain leather armor of the southern nomadic tribes.

Need to verify data.

Leather 2 ?? 12 ?? ?? 30 ?? lbs x90px
2L 411 Leather Ordu Armor - Leather armor of the Ordu warriors, worn with a silk undershirt. While the Empire emphasized brute force and heavy defence, the Ordu favored swiftness, and discovered new ways to reinforce leather without losing mobility. Leather 3 15 11 10 0 40 10 lbs x90px
2L 433 Mangudai Ordu Armor - A leather armor worn by the Mangudai warriors, proven in the hunt and on the warpath. The unusually thick skin it is made from grants its wearer unparalleled protection and longevity.
  • Purchase price: 400 gold
  • Sell price: 170 gold
Leather 5 50 11 0 0 75 10 lbs MangudaiOrduArmor.png
3M 408 (Bronze) Manica - A segmented metal armguard lined with calfskin. Introduced by slow, fully-armored crupellarii, the manica became popular with fighters who preferred mobility and speed, wearing heavy protection on the weapon arm only. Bronze 3 20 12 10 1 15 6 lbs x90px
3M 409 (Bronze) Auxiliary Armor - Light leather armor with a metal shoulder guard. During the War, lightly armored auxiliary troops provided support to the Imperial Legions. When the Empire fell, surviving units formed mercenary companies whose only master was gold. Bronze 4 20 11 15 1 30 14 lbs Auxiliary Armor.png
3M 410 (Bronze) Phrygian Armor - A light metal armor crafted from overlapping upwards rows of lacquered pieces of metal, laced together with silk thread. Comes with an armguard.

This is a kind of Lamellar armor.

Special piece

  • If you pay for Aemolas's family to enter Teron (without negotiating future repayment from him), then when you first speak to him in the Marketplace, he gifts you a Bronze suit of Phrygian armor with tier 2 Masterwork and tier 2 .

Need to verify data.

Bronze 5 10* 10 10* 25 45 10 lbs* x90px
3M 413 (Bronze) Lorica Segmentata - Segmented armor comprised of overlapping metal strips fastened to leather straps. Simple and inexpensive, this standard armor of the Legions was an unofficial symbol of the Empire, recognized and feared everywhere. Bronze 7 40 10 30 2 60 20 lbs x90px

* - need verify data

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