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Astrolabe - A fascinating divination device that can determine the altitude of the celestial bodies as well as latitude and longitude.

  • Value: 150 coins
Curio "What kind of House of Curio would it be if I didn't?" asks the trader sounding almost insulted. He pulls a small golden device out of his sleeve and shows it to you.

"Ever seen anything like this? It's an astrolabus," says the trader, whispering the name carefully as if afraid to be overheard. "Everything else I sell? The quality is debatable, but this? This, my friend, is the real deal. As real as it gets. This little amulet draws its power from the Sun. I hope I don't have to explain what that means.

"I bought it from one of them funny hats and you know what he told me? "Neither sword nor arrow shall touch ye, Marcus!" That's what he told me, word for word. I figured a mighty artifact like that is worth at least five hundred coins. What do you say, stranger? You figure your life is worth five hundred coins?"

~ Curio trader of Maadoran on Astrolabe

Gameplay[ | ]

  • You can buy it from Curio trader
  • Very early in development it was meant to be used as a navigational device to find Al-Akia, idea was scrapped and the astrolabe was left as a flavor item[1]

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