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Athanasius - is a head of Commercium in Ganezzar. He can be found in the Temple Square, on the second floor of Commercium guildhouse (house have green Commercium banner on it).

Lore[ | ]

Born into an improvised noble family, Athanasius was destined to support his older brother who, by virtue of being the firstborn, was entitled to what little the family had. His siblings were expected to labor day and night to secure his future, in hopes of being rewarded when that day would come. Athanasius, a charismatic and clever youth, decided to secure his own future instead and took a job as a scribe at the castle, expecting to make a meteoric rise. Unfortunately, he discovered that the court was full of hopeful, charismatic, and clever boys, fighting for the very few positions of any value that were generally held by men who had no intentions to vacate them in the near future. After ten years of learning the trade of scheming, plotting, Athanasius decided that he had had enough and did the unthinkable for a nobleborn - he joined the guild of merchants where his talents were needed and appreciated.

Quests[ | ]