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Athazor is one of the otherworldly beings involved in The Great War.

Lore[ | ]

Athazor (aka Gla'ath-Zor the Dreamer, aka Galath-Athazor) is one of the beings called upon to the realm of men. He could shape reality with his thoughts. Imperial Army soldier Galath became a vessel for Athazor in his manifestation. After the war, Athazor returned to the void, resulting in Galath losing his sanity while retaining his god-like abilities, though "reduced in miles". Galath thus was put in a coma. He became dormant, his eyes vacant, sustained within a tank that gives him a ward, in a chamber under the bottom of the Abyss in Maadoran.

Gameplay[ | ]

When venturing to the Abyss, player may choose to either kill Galath for good or reanimate him back. If player opted to kill Galath, an old man on the surface would repurpose the chamber as a place for tourist attraction. If player opted to reanimate Galath, Athazor's power would be unleashed in Maadoran, decimating the city in the process. Maadoran would then be inaccessible and player would obtain Mind Shield ability.

Location[ | ]