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Description Common Stats Material: Damage, Hardness Image
Zaghnal - An elaborately decorated Scythian fighting axe with a crow's beak-shaped blade designed for greater armor penetration.

Innumerable skirmishes between the legions and the desert tribes ensured a steady supply of Scythian weaponry.

Speed AP 4, THC Bonus 6%
Bronze:5-8, 25%

Iron:6-9, 35%
Steel:7-10, 45%
Blue Steel:8-11, 55%
Meteor Metal:9-12, 65%

Skeggox - A deadly bearded axe, introduced to the protectorates of the former Empire by Skanian raiders.

The skeggox's unusual blade provides an ample surface for slashing, while keeping the weight low.

Speed AP 5, Passive Chance Bonus 8%
Bronze:7-10, 40%

Iron:8-11, 50%
Steel:9-12, 60%
Blue Steel:10-13, 70%
Meteor Metal:11-14, 80%

Mineb - The unusual Kemetian one handed axe known as the mineb reflects a different school of weapon design.

Over the centuries, many of these ornately decorated, gold-encrusted axes were brought from Kemet as gifts. Now they are to be found all over the Empire.


Speed AP 5, THC Bonus 3%

Bronze:7-10, 45%

Iron:8-11, 55%
Steel:9-12, 65%
Blue Steel:10-13, 75%
Meteor Metal:11-14, 85%

Shadhavar - A two-handed Scythian axe whose design was inspired by the mythical death-bringing horned gazelle.

The Shadhavar is a rare, beautiful, and effective weapon with a gracefully curved cutting surface, augmented by deadly spearpoints.

Speed AP 6, THC Bonus 6%, Counterattack Chance Bonus 5%
Bronze:9-12, 50%

Iron:10-13, 60%
Steel:11-14, 70%
Blue Steel:12-15, 80%
Meteor Metal:13-16, 90%

Labrys - A heavy two-handed Minoan axe.

For the Minoans, the labrys was a religious and ceremonial symbol, but the Empire turned it to more practical applications as a devastating battlefield weapon.

Speed AP 6, Counterattack Chance Bonus 5%
Bronze:9-12, 65%

Iron:10-13, 75%
Steel:11-14, 85%
Blue Steel:12-15, 95%
Meteor Metal:13-16, 105%

Description Common Stats Material: Damage, Hardness Image
Black Dow - purchased from trader at Maadoran The Temple.

It's a crude and unadorned weapon, made for killing and nothing else. It bears hammer marks and dents, but the edge is razor-sharp and the balance is nearly perfect.
The stats are quite similar to a steel Skeggox.


Speed AP 5, Passive chance bonus 35%

Steel:9-12, 60%
The Pendulum of Judgement - purchased from The Exotic Emporium trader at Maadoran Merchants Plaza.

It's truly one of the finest axes you've ever held. Whoever's made definitely knew how to work steel. The blade has both a primary and secondary bevel. The primary bevel is established well up the axe head to facilitate deep cuts, while the edge bevel is slightly blunter to prevent the edge from folding, chipping, or dulling quickly.
The stats are quite similar to a steel Mineb.


Speed AP 5, THC bonus 23%

Steel:9-12, 65%
Qantari Axe - A flat wooden club with evenly spaced blue steel inserts running on both sides. You can probably use it as an axe.
  • Weight 7.0 lb
  • Value 500 coins

How to get?


Speed AP 6, THC bonus 10%, Counterattack chance bonus 20%

[Wood+Blue Steel]:Damage: 12-15, Hardness 60%
Qantari Weapons

Notes[ | ]

  • Axe's passive chance has no effect, but the passive value increases the critical strike bonus damage.[1]

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