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BCE (Before Current Events) is an attempt to list down past events in chronological order.

Rough Outline[ | ]

  • Al-Akia was completed
  • The Summoning
  • Marcus Domitius Crassus left Zamedi tower (382 BCE)
  • House Maracas: Absorbed by House Tal Gazar in 4271
  • House Tal Gazar: Absorbed by House Sydonius sometime after 4283
  • House Sydonius: Absorbed by House Almansor sometime after the Great Plague of 4358
  • House Almansor: Fell into succession wars after 4417; finally ending a few years ago
  • Cippur: Taken over by the Imperial Guards two decades back (20 BCE)
  • Asmara: fell soon after
  • Antidas' War
  • Rise of Meru's Creed

Events with reference to Current Year[ | ]