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'''Balzaar''' is one of the [[Void Dwellers|otherworldly beings]] involved in The Great War.
== Lore ==
== Lore ==

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Balzaar is one of the otherworldly beings involved in The Great War.


The first was Balzaar (aka Baal-Zurath, aka Baalzurath) - Chief of the Demons, a living "god", vengeful and mighty, "the first to be welcomed, the first to bite the hand that fed him". Most probably Imperial Army soldier Iulianus became a vessel for him. Balzaar attacked Magus' tower in Inferia, then he attacked Maadoran, where he was crippled and captured by Hadad. PC can meet Balzaar in the Ganezzar Star Room and Al-Akia. He can inhabit Meru's body if PC will help him. Balzaar wishes to put a world of chaos into order, serried ranks of slaves toiling at ziggurats, working together for the first time since humans crawled out of primordial mud like the gears in an intricate machine. No more wars, no more waste, just the stagnant harmony of obedience. PC may kill him with Agathoth's help or nuke him (alongside with Ganezzar) with Divine Spear nuclear missile. [1]