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Bandit Camp is one of the locations in The Age of Decadence Act I.

Quests[ | ]

NPC[ | ]

  • Esbenus
  • Bandit x 5
  • Tiberious (captured in the cage)

Combat[ | ]

Should you try and take the bandit camp by force, there are 5 bandits and Esbenus you'll have to kill. Two archers by the front gate, a spear wielder and spiked club wielder standing near the campfire(they are wounded and badly wounded), and an axe wielder next to Esbenus at the left of the camp.
Killing all of them rewards you with 2 combat SP, 1 combat reputation, and 150 Gold/10 SP upon returning to Dellar.

Loot[ | ]

Alchemy Reagents[ | ]

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