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Bar-Hathor the Flamewalker was one of the High Lords involved in The Great War. He could make fire flow like water.


In truth, Bar-Hathor was one among seven beings who was called upon to the realm of men. He chose to side with the Empire.

Titan's Gate

During The Great War, a soldier named Hassatur became a vessel of his manifestation in the realm of men. His vessel was seriously injured twice during the war, though not before bringing down one Qantari legion. He was then taken to the sacred chamber of Mountain Monastery and put into a huge tank that sustained his life. He did not get the chance to be reawakened during the war, however, and remained in the chamber beyond the Titan's Gate, locked for eternity.

It appeared that sometime later, the tank failed to sustain his body, and what remained within the tank was eyeballs and some sort of figures that resemble a face.

Historical Records[]