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The term "Barbari" refers to any sort of primitive hailing from "Barbaricum", meaning anywhere outside the Empire.

Known Groups[ | ]

Ordu[ | ]

See: Ordu

Thracian[ | ]

Little is known about this group.

Known Personas[ | ]

Associated Items[ | ]

  • Romach - A long Thracian spear with a blade designed for use against lightly armored infantry and cavalry.

Skanian[ | ]

Skanian raiders plagued the Old Empire.

Known Personas[ | ]

Associated Items[ | ]

  • Skeggox - A deadly bearded axe, introduced to the protectorates of the former Empire by Skanian raiders. The skeggox's unusual blade provides an ample surface for slashing, while keeping the weight low.
  • War hammer - A brutal Skanian two-handed hammer. The Skanians designed the war hammer in response to hard lessons at the hands of the Imperial Legions, who taught the raiders to respect and fear armored opponents.
  • Krokspar - Literally "barbed spear", the Krokspar is a long-shafted weapon of Skanian design with a dagger-like head a cross piece for blocking. The Krokspar is too heavy to use single-handed.
  • Handox - A Skanian throwing axe designed for speed and penetration at close range. Skanian raiders are trained to throw these axes in volleys, wreaking havoc among enemy lines.
  • Blood Mushroom - Deep red mushrooms covered with white wart-like protuberances have been known for their mystical properties for quite some time. They were boiled to make intoxicating drinks, dried and chewed to enter the dreamworld, but it was the Skanian priests who discovered how to brew a special draught that gives a man neither dreams nor drunkenness, but rage and bloodlust.

Other Known Products[ | ]

  • Leather Barbari Helmet - Basic leather headgear adorned with bull's horns. Among the barbarians this type of helmet is worn only by the bull killer himself.
  • Heavy Barbari Helmet - Strike fear into primitive foes with this heavy leather helmet adorned with a bull's horns!
  • Leather Barbari Armor - Light leather armor of the southern nomadic tribes, featuring near complete range of motion for the wearer.
  • Studded Barbari Armor - A minor improvement on the plain leather armor of the southern nomadic tribes.