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The Boatmen of Styx (Assassins' Guild) are one of the factions that appear in The Age of Decadence.

In the halcyon days of the Empire, the Emperor's guard, apart from their regular duties securing his safety, were also experts in infiltration and assassination. Many opponents meeting misfortune in the dead of night were said to be victims of their long reaching hand. After the Fall, the guard knew no master, but they found that even in a world of ruins their peacekeeping services were in demand. Rather than disband into the chaos, the former royal guard established an order of assassins, affectionately named for their old regiment.

Quests[ | ]

Teron[ | ]

  1. Vignette (Assassin) (Starting quest for Assassin background)
  2. The Aurelian Spies
  3. Commander Marcus Carrinas
  4. Kill'em All

Maadoran[ | ]

Ganezzar[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Although an assassin may deal in muffled footfalls and the tip of a knife rather than gold, his trade is no less respected than that of the Commercium, and, given the ruthlessness displayed by the Merchant's Guild, he is actually even more well-liked by some than a comparable trader of standard goods. The Boatmen are a respected organization, doing business openly, and dispatching one's opponent with steel is as respected a method as peaceful negotiation. Perhaps a more civilized and morally anchored period would find the concept of a massive, openly operant network - the sole purpose of which is to kill for money to be quite barbaric and disturbing, but the wake of an apocalypse tends to erode such ethical considerations, and the decadent care little for scruples.


Boatmen The Boatmen was a good outfit that went back a long way. In the olden days, the Emperor commanded his own guard. Apart from their regular duties of protecting the Emperor, they were trained as experts in infiltration and assassination. Many political and military enemies met their end in the dead of the night, ensuring the long-standing stability of the Empire. After the fall, left without a master to serve, the guard disbanded into the chaos of the fallen empire. Once outside they found that even as the world lay in ruins, their peacekeeping services were in great demand. An assassins' order was established bearing the proud name of the Regiment - the Boatmen of Styx.

~ Assassin Introduction Text

 on Boatmen of Styx

Neleos "There was a time when the Boatmen of Styx was a military unit. Officially, they protected the Emperor, which can mean just about anything. Unofficially, they were tasked with taking those who had outstayed their welcome to the other side of the river.

"When the Empire fell, they brought their expertise and military discipline to the market. From the stories I've heard, those were the wild days. Nobody was off limits to the Boatmen. People crossed the river in waves. Things got out of hand quickly, so naturally, ground rules had to be set."

"Don't shit where you eat. Show your respect to the Houses and stay out of their business. You don't want the Lords to look over their shoulders and grow paranoid. Nothing good will come out of it. Business can always be found elsewhere.

"Other than that, when we take a life, it's understood that it was coming - one way or another. We do it nice and clean, whereas someone else might have been a bit messier. Nobody wants messy."

~ Neleos

 on Boatmen of Styx

Neleos "It's the emblem of the original Boatmen. It supposed to show our proud lineage and send the right message. "Taking care of personal problems since...," grins Neleos.

~ Neleos

 on The emblem of the Boatmen of Styx

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Ranks[ | ]

  • Brother