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Ganezzar under siege

Breaking The Siege is one of the quests for the Commercium.

The underground complex is intact but Ganezzar has been besieged.

Quick Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Seek help from Dux Paullus of Caer Tor
  2. Seek help from Antidas of Teron
  3. Seek help from other sources

Detailed Walkthrough[ | ]

Warning: Spoilers!

  1. Seek help from Dux Paullus of Caer Tor


    1. If you ask Paullus to side with Meru,
      1. Once convinced (+4 civil SP), Paullus will ask you about the pyramid (Al-Akia).
        1. If you convince him Al-Akia is harmless, the siege of Ganezzar will be lifted on better terms for Meru; Al-Akia is not mentioned again.
        2. If you fail, he'll insist you follow him to Ganezzar, break the siege, and blow up Al-Akia.
    2. If you ask Paullus to side with House Aurelian, he will detail his plan to take over all cities.
      1. You can make a deal with him and Ganezzar will fall.
      2. You can think about it and seek allies in Teron to help Meru instead.
  2. Seek help from Antidas of Teron


    1. Talk to Antidas
    2. Talk to Linos
      1. If Linos is convinced (+3 civil SP)), he'll ask you to seek Mercato. If Mercato is dead, he'll point you to Brandir.
        1. Mercato will reject you straight away if you treated him badly. Otherwise you need to convince him to lead the army
        2. If Mercato is dead, you can convince Brandir to lead the army
  3. Seek help from other sources
    An Ancient Mantra

    Scroll showing an airship

    1. You can fly the airship from Old Facility to Ganezzar. You can have a parley with Legatus Hagon. Success would lead to destruction of Al-Akia by House Aurelian.

Statistics, Skills and Backgrounds checks[ | ]

  • 1. Seek help from Paullus
  • 1.a. “Why would I do that? Meru's weak. He can't even defend his own town.” (siding with Meru)

  • 1.a.1. "Yet Maru's loremasters spoke of the old gods. Of a way to bring them back. Do you claim to know nothing about it?."

  • 1.b. “Serenas must be even weaker than I thought,” observes Paullus, “if he lets the likes of Strabos pull his strings. Maybe I will side with Meru after all.” (siding with Serenas)

  • 2. Seek help from Linos in Teron (siding with Meru)
  • 2.1. "I didn't take you for a backstabber, [player], but I do take your point. Still, why should we risk all?"
    • Persuasion+Trading=[15] "Because Meru's Creed offers us more than the Lords do. Today you have to bow to Antidas because of his lineage. Tomorrow you won't have. It's well worth the risk."
  • 2.2. "Today I rule this town in all but name. Tomorrow I might not if I listen to you and take unnecessary risks" (this dialogue triggers if you failed previous check)
  • 2.3.a "I assume you've already talked to Antidas and he said no," says Mercato, thinking it over. "You talked to Linos and he said yes, which is why you're here."
  • 2.3.b Brandir looks at you as if you lost your mind. "So you want me to leave Teron where I get paid for doing nothing and go fight House Aurelian? Why would I do that?"

  • 3. Seek help from other sources (siding with Meru)
  • 3.1. "If the ship was fully operational, you wouldn't have waste your time trying to convince me. You'd have used it already."

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