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Lady Camilla

“You have the privilege of addressing Lady Camilla Domitia Planca.

—Camilla to the player

Background[edit | edit source]

Camilla is a noblewoman and widow living in Teron. All alone. With her wealth.

Mini-quest[edit | edit source]

You can attempt to get a sapphire and a gold ring in several ways. Knock at her door and:

1) convice her to give her jewels by passing the following checks: [Streetwise 2], and [Streetwise + Disguise = 5], and [Streetwise + Etiquette = 6] or [Streetwise 3 + Charisma 7];

2) Sneak into the house at night and pass the following checks: [Strength + Dexterity = 15] or [Throwing 3 + grappling hook] to climb and [Sneak 4] to look for valuables when inside.

Reward: +3 skill points