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Gaius Marcellus Carbo is a Legatus of the Imperial Guards.

Legatus Gaius Marcellus Carbo was a soldier at heart who earned the respect and loyalty of his men by being one of them, despite his rank. He slept in the same tents, ate the same food, and fought shoulder to shoulder with them.

Testimonials[ | ]


"Carbo - a true Noyan. We fought him twice in the past and twice he bested us. I'd like to test his strength one last time, but that day isn't today."

~ Thorgul

 on Carbo


"Carbo is Paullus' lapdog. No man is more loyal to him and no man is better. He's earned his stripes. Legionaries love him because despite his rank, he is one of them - he sleeps in the same tents, eats the same shit, and fights shoulder to shoulder with them. Some say that he's a soldier at heart, but I suspect that he's a killer at heart. He loves the thrill of a fight. Try to stay on his good side."

~ Bass

 on Carbo


"Carbo is a simple man who believes in simple things. It would be unwise to burden him with what you've just told me. Besides, should anything happen to me, he'll take over and... do what needs to be done."

~ Paullus

 on Carbo

Relationships with other character(s)[ | ]


"I do," nods Carbo. "Paullus and I go way back. He was a Centurion when I first saw him. He gave me a chance and he's looked after me ever since then. He was more of a father to me than my old man, so let's just say I owe him.

"I didn't question his decisions back then and I won't question them now. I just wish he'd do something, that's all."

~ Carbo

 on Paullus

Gameplay[ | ]

Related Achievement(s)[ | ]

Deal with the Devil

Quest Files[ | ]

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