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Carrinas is a Legatus of the Imperial Guards, and the commander of the men in Teron.

Commander Marcus Carrinas learned his trade in numerous battles with barbarians and renegade Houses. His tactics lacked finesse, but showed strength and willingness to fight no matter the odds, giving Carrinas the nickname 'the Bull'. The reward for his most recent battle had been a promotion to the rank of Legatus and a deep shoulder wound that had never healed properly. Despite his protests, Carrinas was sent to Teron to "prevent Antidas from doing anything stupid". Since Carrinas had always preferred permanent solutions to problems, he started training new recruits without delay.

Background[ | ]

Testimonials[ | ]


"You can learn something new from any of them, but with Carrinas you may get more than you bargained for. He's a man with a vision. Now, vision alone doesn't make a man dangerous, but throw in troops drilled to follow orders without question and you have a recipe for a perfect storm. Getting caught in a storm would be most unwise, especially for a loremaster.

~ Feng

 on Carrinas


"Carrinas!" says Legatus Pavola instead of greeting you. "That son of a bitch could never get along with anyone. They thought they got rid of him when they sent him to Teron. He sure showed them! And now what? Now Gaelius looks at me as if I'm his enemy. Now I have to be. Now it's him or me. Fucking Carrinas! They should have just spared us the headache and sent that son of a bitch back to the wasteland."

~ Pavola

 on Carrinas

"I did, back when he was a centurion. He always had a problem doing what he was told, but he was a good soldier, so they always let it slide and look at the results. To tell you the truth, I knew there was going to be trouble when Paullus sent him to Teron, but it wasn't my place to say anything."

~ Healer at Caer-Tor

 on Carrinas


"He betrayed us. Betrayed what we stand for. We've defended this land since the fall of the Empire, sacrificed and bled for it, and he's undone it all when he attacked Teron like a common brigand," says Raenas, spitting on the ground for emphasis.

~ Raenas

 on Carrinas

Location[ | ]

Inside Teron Barracks

Quests[ | ]

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