The Age of Decadence Wiki

There are several choices you have when creating a new character in The Age of Decadence.
These choices will affect the flow and direction of the your gameplay.


1. Name, Gender, and Background. This determines what everyone will call you, what gender specific clothing you can equip(there is a little bit), and what starting quest, reputation, and inventory you get.

2. This is your Reputation with all of the main factions in the game. It varies depending on your starting Background.

3. Your characters appearance throughout the game. Be young, old, tattoo covered or hairless. You decide.

4. Your Statistics give certain bonuses or detriments depending on the number. They determine your skill totals, check passes and failures, and can be moved around to suit your personal play-style. Aside from the Grifter background, the points are pre-set to what the each backgrounds story will generally feel like.

5. Your attack and defense numbers, balanced out by your main combat skills, and a general idea of how effective you will be in a combat situation.

6. Your Combat Skills, placing points in these allow you to use a variety of weaponry with different effects, and avoid damage through dodging or blocking. Invest in combat skills to live through scenarios other characters would find impossible.

7. Your Civil Skills, placing points in these allow you to make your way through life by a variety of means. Be it through common thievery, a silver tongue, skills of creation or knowledge of old, not everyone has to learn to swing a sword.