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Charisma is one of the six attributes that form your Statistics.

Influences starting Civil Skill Points, and determines reaction and Reputation modifiers. It is frequently checked in dialogues.

Difficult Checks[ | ]

This point onwards contains spoilers

Single Stat[ | ]

6 pts
Lucius - get Critical Strike training from him after Linos' Gold quest
7 pts
Antidas - get Lore skill training worth 10 SP
Dellar - learn his backstory and get +5 Sword, +5 Dodge, +5 Critical Strike training
Feng - learn his backstory, unlocks Mysteries of the Abyss quest and get Streetwise/Trading/Persuasion skill training worth 20 SP
A Matter Of Proof - persuade Mercato to help you (check is increased to 10 if you threatened him earlier)
Tiresias - also requires Streetwise:[7], get a discount for his training
8 pts
Strabos - get Streetwise/Trading skill training worth 20 SP after completing A Game Of Cat & Mouse quest
9 pts
Preacher - convince him that you are The Chosen One
10 pts
Don't Suffer A Witch To Live (Boatmen of Styx) - resist Faelan's stare
Miracle Worker - perform a 'real' miracle

Combined Stats[ | ]

8 pts
+Persuasion, convince the spy in the The Aurelian Spies quest to give you the documents
10 pts
+Streetwise, convince the centurion in Ganezzar Fort Arena to wager Lion's Claw
12 pts
+Impersonate, successfully pass for a beggar in the Antidas' Hoard quest
+Persuasion, persuade Meru to take you to Ganezzar Star Room
16 pts
+Persuasion, convince Antidas to place the hit on Commander Carrinas without a proof in the A Matter Of Proof quest (also requires Intelligence:[8])