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Commander Marcus Carrinas is one of the quests in The Age of Decadence.

Lore[ | ]

Boatmen of Styx Quest for Assassin

Rewards[ | ]

Quick Walkthrough[ | ]

Detailed Walkthrough[ | ]

  • Kill Carrinas
    1. Escape from the Inn
      • Grab the rope and follow Dias
        • Sneak=[3], Attempt to sneak past the guards
          • Success, you return to the guild
          • Failure, you return to the guild but lose 10 HP
      • Put on the merchant robes
    2. Kill imperial guards (if you killed the soldier guarding Carrinas body, you will face one Imperial Guard less)
      • If Coltan survives, he gives you Potent Poison
  • Kill Dias
    • Kill other assasins
      • Dexterity:[7]+Critical Strike:[3], Drink the vial before entering the guild, then attack Neleos without wasting any time (you lose Neurostimulant vial given by Carrinas)
      • Enter the guild
        • Critical Strike, Kill Neleos
          • [5], Success
          • [4], Success but you lose 10 HP
            • Fight the remaining assassins (Fulvio, Coltan and Agatai)
    • You can also tell Carrinas that you did it for the money, in this case he will give you 1000 imperials but you will automatically move to Maadoran without joining the Imperial Guards

Statistics, Skills and Backgrounds checks[ | ]

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