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Banner of the Commercium

The Commercium is one of the factions that appear in The Age of Decadence.

Though Trade and Merchant Guilds stand in the shadow of the sword during wartime, gold has a far greater influence in the day-to-day affairs of state. The greatest merchant guilds have now centralized to oversee all trade. Caravans, farms, mines and marketplaces operate by the grace of the Commercium alone. Traders independent of the Commercium exist only in outposts and villages so remote they cannot be profitably exploited.


Merchant guild quests in Teron (spoilers):
1. Linos asked you to find proof that the gate guards aren't trustworthy.
2. The Imperial Guards are up to something. Talk to Mercato and find out what he knows. You can find him in Cado's Tavern
3. Commander Carrinas must be stopped. Talk to Neleos, the guildmaster of the Boatmen, about it.
4. Finally, you will have to deal with the survivors of the conspiracy, who are being led by Mercato.



Zenon.png "Pride blinded him. He truly believed that he could go toe-to-toe against the Commercium and survive. Obviously, he was wrong. He overestimated his own strength, while underestimating the power and reach of the Commercium. By the time he realized what he had gotten himself into, his business was worth nothing. "Know your place," my father always said. Golden words, [PC]."

~ Zenon

 on his previous boss, Antonius Messalla