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A Construct

Constructs are four-legged defenders of ancient temples in the time of the Old Empire. The commanders of that period referred to them as Sentinels.

First Impression[ | ]

At first glance it appears to be a kind of hideous shrine or statue, a metal spider rearing up on its back legs. But taking a few steps forward you see it's a machine, a mechanical construct straight out of some sorcerer's nightmare. The top half is humanoid, with arms ending in blades, and not the kind used for chopping vegetables. This upper part is perched on four spike-tipped legs, any one of them long enough to run a man through.

Its once polished surface is scarred and dented, the armor rent in several places, and it sits somewhat askew. The construct is a veteran of many battles.

The head pivots ever so slightly in your direction. It sees you, but makes no move towards the doorway.

Gameplay[ | ]

Constructs can be found in Hellgate.

Gallery[ | ]