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Crafting is one of the skills in The Age of Decadence.

A skilled craftsman has the knowledge to create and improve their own equipment. While many good items can be found or bought, nothing can match the quality of a balanced blade forged from rare ores.

Challenging Checks By Acts[ | ]

Act I

Act II


The Temple

  • Disable the three constructs:[8]

Known Training[ | ]

Introduction to Crafting[ | ]

You can use the crafting system to create and/or improve weapons and armors using schematics (available from blacksmiths), material (metal ingots, wood, or leather) and techniques learned from NPCs or acquired through exploration. Armors and helmets can be crafted to increase Damage Resistance, max Action points, vsCritical, or lower penalties. Similarly with weapons to increase vsDR, decrease AP cost, or increase damage. Weapons, armor, helms, and shields can all be crafted in The Age of Decadence if the player has schematics. You can't fail in making the item and lose your ingredients.

Crafting and decomposing[ | ]

To craft an item, open your inventory and go to the crafting tab. Select an item from the list of available schematics, apply any known technique(s), select a metal type or component, and click Forge. When the item is ready, drag it back to the inventory.

You can also decompose (melt) weapons and armor to get metal ingots or components. There is a material loss when you decompose, the higher the skill the less metal you lose.

For example, if you find a Blue Steel heavy armor that weighs 35 pounds, but you would rather forge yourself a blue steel sword and a lighter armor, you can melt the heavy armor, losing, for example, 20% of the metal and getting 28 pounds of blue steel ingots which you can use to craft yourself a broadsword (handar) - 3,5 pounds - and a cuirass (lorica musculata) - 20 pounds.

There are five different metal types: bronze, iron, steel, Blue Steel, Meteor Metal. Each "higher" metal increases the damage range or damage resistance by 1. So, whereas a bronze gladius does 2-9 points of damage, a iron gladius does 3-10, steel 4-11, and so on.

Overview of Techniques[ | ]

The masterwork technique can help you improve your weapons further by following the exact formulae to forge higher quality metal, thus increasing the damage range by up to 0-2 for each metal. For example, an iron masterwork gladius will do 3-12 points of damage, making it as good as bronze "long swords" like shamshir and handar, but faster.

The hardened technique allows you to harden the edge of your weapon, taking a point away from the enemy's DR. When applied to armor, these techniques lower penalties and increase DR respectively.

see: Techniques

Technique and Options unlocked by Crafting Levels[ | ]

hardened edge serrated edge balanced weapons masterwork weapons and armors lightened armor reinforced armors and shields hardened armors and shields masterwork shields lightened shields sharpen weapons bronze working iron working steel working blue steel working sky metal working two technique slots three technique slots four technique slots
L2 Unlock Unlock Unlock Unlock Unlock
L3 Unlock Unlock Unlock Unlock
L4 Improve Improve Improve Unlock Improve Unlock Unlock
L5 Improve Improve Unlock Improve Improve
L6 Improve Improve Improve Improve Unlock
L7 Improve Improve Improve Improve
L8 Improve Improve Improve Improve Improve Unlock Unlock
L9 Improve Improve Improve Improve
L10 Improve Improve Improve Improve Improve Improve Improve Improve Improve Improve Unlock Unlock