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Disambig This article is about the skill Critical Strike. For the mechanic, see Critical Strikes.

Critical Strike is one of the skills in The Age of Decadence.

In the combat arts, as in most things, quality counts more than quantity. A single, well-aimed strike at a vital organ is worth a dozen superficial flesh-wounds. A wise fighter learns to maximize the effectiveness of each and every strike.

The skill can also sometimes be used in stealthy interactions to kill or injure enemies without going into combat proper.

Skill Level[ | ]

  1. You flail your weapon in the general direction of your enemies.
  2. Keeping your eyes open while you attack seems to help.
  3. Predominantly concerned with making contact, you target whatever your opponent gives you.
  4. You've learned that it's more effective to stab their squishy parts.
  5. Your victims would be better off if they refashioned their robes and light armor into bandages and tourniquets.
  6. Recognizing that it's safer to kill the defenseless, you plan preemptive strikes while inquiring about the weather.
  7. It is too hard to work your blade through metal and leather; you scrutinize your opponents' armor for weaknesses.
  8. Through extensive experimentation, you have acquired a functional understanding of anatomy. Every attack you make is designed to cut tendons, sever arteries, or puncture organs.
  9. Even the most exceptional armor has flaws that you perceive and can exploit, given the opportunity.
  10. Killing appears to be effortless for you. Your blade is drawn to the vitals of your victims.[1]

Effects[ | ]

Main article: Critical Strikes

The likelihood of critical strikes is governed by the this skill. Critical strikes do more damage among other bonus effects.

% chance to cause bleeding on a critical hit.

Level Chance
1 1
2 3
3 6
4 9
5 13
6 17
7 22
8 27
9 33
10 40

References[ | ]