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Dagger is one of the skills in The Age of Decadence.

The dagger has come to symbolize the assassin's trade, and for good reason. Though smaller and lighter than a sword or axe, the dagger is a precision weapon, perfect for quick, deadly strikes at an opponent's weak points, and easy to conceal amongst ones' clothes.

Skill Level[ | ]

  1. You've learned to look menacing while holding a dagger. All you need is a good scowl.
  2. You're discovered that swinging your dagger wildly will only get you so far.
  3. You've learned to hit targets. Most of the time. If they don't move.
  4. You're getting the hang of it. Keep it up and you might become a good knife fighter one day.
  5. Better than average. And still alive. Better drink to that because the 'still alive' part might change without notice.
  6. No one's laughing when you pull out a dagger now. They might not fear you yet, but no one is laughing.
  7. You've become quite deadly with a dagger.
  8. If you've unsheathed your blade, it's already too late to pray.
  9. You've mastered the art of knife fighting.[1]

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