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Dellar - one of the loyal commanders of House Daratan.

Dellar looks like a tired, old scribe, proving that appearances are often misleading. At seventeen he signed up as a caravan guard. It took him three years to realize that his father was wrong about honest work, then he switched sides and started raiding the same caravans he guarded yesterday. Four years later the Merchants finally paid the Imperial Guards a king's ransom, which quickly solved the "raiders problem".

Hundreds of dead raiders were nailed to Maadoran walls and a few lucky survivors were sent to the mines to work off their debt to the guild. For almost a decade Dellar mined iron ore, fighting for food scraps and his life, until he managed to escape to Teron, where Antidas took him under his wing.

Conversation[ | ]


Working as caravan guard[ | ]

"There is nothing to tell. I was young and good with a sword. I took a job guarding. You know... see the world, kill a few men, make a few coins. The romance of the wasteland. Turned out it was just another shit job for shit pay. I worked it for three years and then decided that maybe it was time to switch sides. (...) You ever worked caravans? Good men are expensive, so the merchant guilds hire what comes cheap - kids, rejects, cutthroats. They start dropping like flies after an attack or two, which means less sleep and more shit to deal with for those who live. You are always up, always working. You and the slaves who pull those damn carts. After awhile you start wondering who has it easier - you or the slaves."

Switching sides[ | ]

"A sword to my throat - the most convincing argument there is. We were doing a two-week run. A few days in, we hit a storm. The sand was everywhere. You couldn't see anything, couldn't even open your eyes. The boss man told us to press on and we did. To be fair, nobody thought that we could be attacked in that storm. The raiders picked our men off one by one. By the time we'd realized what was happening, it was too late. They gave me a chance to to live and I took it. Didn't even have to think about it."

Working with the raiders and consequences[ | ]

"We raided for a few years. Those were the good days... If I was smarter I would have quit when I was ahead, but I was young and thought that we were a force to be reckoned with. And we were, until the merchants paid the Imperial Guards to put us out of business."

"They sent me to the iron mines. I did ten years in a place called the Second Chance. It was like a big empty pot - called the town - with passages going off in every direction. The main ore deposits were long gone, but you could find a bit here and there. That's what the tunnels were for. Every day you trade ore for food. No ore, no food. It's a simple system that brings the best out of people."

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