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Dexterity is one of the six attributes that form your Statistics.

Influences starting combat skill points, To-Hit Chance (for Dexterity-based weapons), action points, and sequence in combat. It is checked in dialogues and interactions with the gameworld.



Victim's DEX affects critical chance of ENTANGLE (Net), THROW:LEGS, THROW:HEAD (Bolas).

For further info, see Critical Chance.

Difficult Checks[ | ]

This point onwards contains spoilers

Single Stat[ | ]

6 pts
Teron Blacksmith House - climb through the window
8 pts
Feng's House - climb the wall vines
9 pts
Those That Come With A Sword - poison the wine
10 pts
The Mole-Rat - jump across the pit

Combined Stats[ | ]

12 pts
+Constitution - reach Well Chamber in slums well
14 pts
+Strength - climb to the roof of Teron Palace
+Constitution - reach Menes' body in The Slums' well
+Lockpick - allows to stealthily break into the Commercium building during The Magic Jar quest
20 pts
+Critical Strike - allows to instantly kill Hamza in It Ain't The Roads We Take... quest