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This is one of the eight Character Backgrounds in The Age of Decadence.


While for most people the focus is on trying to belong and having a place to call their own, drifters display no such sentiments. Valuing freedom above all else and answering to no man, they prefer instead to move freely without the weight on any shackles, never staying in one place for too long.

Character Creation

The Drifter is, by definition, the most 'open-ended' of all Backgrounds. This character has only just arrived in Teron, and has no rank, no allies, no enemies, no rivals, and no obligations. In these respects, (s)he has a great deal in common with the Grifter.

Like the Grifter, Loremaster, and Mercenary, the Drifter starts out Guildless.

Default Stats

The Drifter begins with a blank slate - all stats are at 4 and you must decide 'from scratch' how to distribute 16 points.

Preferred Skills

Here also the Drifter is a blank slate - no particular skills are suggested.

Initial Faction Rep

4 5 6 7 8 9 10
House Aurelian
House Crassus
House Daratan
Boatmen of Styx
Imperial Guards
Forty Thieves

Starting Equipment

  • One 'side effect' of the Drifter's 'blank slate' is the heaviest coin-purse: you will begin with 414g (partially because you will not be starting with the trappings of any particular profession).
  • Bronze Sefet
  • Buckler
  • other items based on chosen Skills