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Elder of Dead River

The Elder awaits the return of the High Lords at Dead River.

"Who are you?" says the elder, his face hidden by the cloak.

[PC]: "Do you know what these machines did?"

"Wondrous things!" exclaims the elder, showing his face for a moment. It looks strangely deformed: large, unblinking, "fish" eyes, wide, lipless mouth, and thick skin hanging in folds.

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"A woman," nods the Elder. "I was but a child when she came here, but I still remember her. She demanded an escort. The Elder refused and she killed him on the spot, without pity or mercy.

"She took our best men who were more afraid of her than of the beasts crawling in the hollow and left. She returned alone, but she never said a word and we never asked for it's not our way."

~ Elder

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