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Elias is one of the NPCs in The Age of Decadence.
He is involved in The Crossroads quest.

Lore[edit | edit source]

A cartwright by trade. A believer in the Gods.
Elias's initial troubles started when the zealots asked him for donations, daily, in increasing amounts.
His real troubles began when he complained to the guards. He sold his shop and managed to get his family out.
The [PC] walked in when the zealots caught up to him.

How to find him[edit | edit source]

He is located in the building next to the red haired mercenary, near the entrance of the city. Go up the ladders on the building next to him and enter the room just to find him being attacked by three zealots.

Expiry period[edit | edit source]

He will not be available after the conclusion of Breaking The Siege.