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Esbenus is the leader of the raiders near Teron.

Like many fighting men, Esbenus joined the army when he came of age and spent the next twelve years keeping peace by fighting wars, until he was wounded and left for dead. When he recovered, he joined a band of raiders and "worked" his way up, killing men who were in his way.

Background[ | ]

Esbenus once served the Imperial Guards for 12 years.

Then he got injured in the wasteland and was left for dead. Raiders found him and took him in for need of good fighting men. He chose them for the benefits.

His first raider group fell for an ambush and he escaped. He led his second group to a cave and only a handful of them got out alive. After a few groups, he decided to leave the wastelands, and move south in search of greener pastures.

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Quests[ | ]

Quest Files[ | ]

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