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Linos' Gold is one of the quests for Forty Thieves in The Age of Decadence.

Lore[ | ]

Use all tools at your disposal to escape from Teron with the gold.

Rewards[ | ]

Quick Walktrough[ | ]

  1. Deal with Mobs
  2. Deal with Gate Guards
  3. Deal with Mercenaries
  4. Deal with Mob Leader (optional)

Detailed Walktrough[ | ]

  1. Deal with Mobs
  2. Deal with Gate Guards
    • If you struck a deal with Bracchus and Iolus in Taking Care Of Business quest earlier, they will offer you help again...
      • "Show me" - Secret passage leading to Maadoran
        • Pay 100 imperials
          • You fight Bracchus and five poorly armed robbers
        • Perception:[8]+Persuasion:[3], "You look nervous, which can only mean one thing..."
        • Alternatively, Streetwise:[3], and then Persuasion+Streetwise:[5]
          • Open the passage for free and fight Bracchus and five poorly armed robbers
          • Intelligence:[7], "Open the passage and call Bracchus."
            • You fight Bracchus
              • Go through
                • Streetwise:[4], "I've just killed Bracchus who kept all of you in line..."
                • Body count:[8], "I've been very busy the last few days, killing people who got in my way..."
              • Impersonate:[3], Put on Bracchus' armor
                1. Impersonate+Streetwise=[4], "Change of plans. Go to the gate and wait for them there."
                2. Impersonate+Streetwise=[5], "I took care of it. The guards will look the other way. Trust me."
    • If you got Daratan Ring from Antidas in the Galbo's Ring quest, they will let you pass
    • Order them to open the gates Impersonate+Streetwise=[7]
    • Consider your options
      • Attack
      • Fall back and attack
      • Distract the guards while your men take out the Crossbowman and take position, then attack - Charisma:[7] (if male) or Charisma:[6] (if female)
      • Order one of your men to distract the guards while you take out the Crossbowman Sneak:[5]
  3. Deal with Mercenaries
    • Kill Mercenaries
    • Take the guard out quietly - Critical Strike+Sneak=[8]
      • Disappear into the night - Sneak:[5] or deal with Mob Leader
    • Talk to the guard
      • Go to the mercenary camp
        • Fight
        • Intimidate them with Body count:[12] or Combat:[3] (if you killed mercenaries in previous quest)
        • Show them the Imperial Guards mandate
        • "The gold is in the cart..." Streetwise:[2], then Streetwise:[3] and Persuasion+Streetwise=[6] to trick them
          • If you killed the mercenaries guarding the shipment in Linos' Gold quest earlier, their leader will not be satisfied and demand one crate of gold
            • Fight
            • Give them one crate
            • Offer a blood price - Trading:[3]. He asks for 1200 imperials but you can lower it to 800 with Trading:[4]
      • Kill him - Critical Strike:[4]
        • Disappear into the night - Sneak:[5] or deal with Mob Leader
  4. Deal with Mob Leader (only if you struck a deal with him earlier)
    • Attack him - you fight Mob Leader and Mercenaries (if they are still alive)
    • Give him the gold, you gain +1 Word of Honor

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