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Etiquette is one of the civil skills in The Age of Decadence.

The understanding of proper behaviour protocols and how to apply them to your benefits.

Trainers[ | ]

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Notable Checks[ | ]

  • Teron
    1. A Matter Of Proof
      • (hidden check) Etiquette:[2] - "What proof do you have?"
      • Etiquette:[3] - Dress as a merchant and enter
      • Streetwise+Etiquette=[7] - Carry out the forgery
    2. Vignette (Praetor):[2] - Request armor from Antidas
    3. Camilla - Streetwise + Etiquette = [6]
    4. Teron Palace#Seeking an audience
      • Etiquette:[1] - Read the tractate
      • Impersonate+Etiquette:[5] - Find something nice to wear
      • Etiquette:[3] - Swear fealty
  • Maadoran
    1. The Politics
      • Etiquette>[5] "I beg forgiveness, my Lord. My master is nothing but the humblest of your servants..."
      • Persuasion+Etiquette<=[13] "My Lord, you wouldn't have had this problem had you honoured your promise to my master..."
      • Etiquette+Streetwise<=[12] "Never be accepted? Your word is beyond contestation, my lord..."
      • Streetwise+Etiquette<=[12] "An excellent point, my lord... He speaks highly of lady Lorenza..."
    2. The Conspiracy
      • (hidden) Etiquette<=[5] - most checks
      • Etiquette+Streetwise<=[10], "How fortunate that I'm not sharing my thoughts with a lesser man then..."