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Faelan is one of the NPCs in The Age of Decadence.


Faelan the Thrice Blessed owed everything he had, including his life, to Lord Meru who saved him from the gallows. Born a slave, Faelan made his life a lot harder by refusing to keep his eyes down. He was always staring at people, starring with such intensity that it made even hardened Imperial Guardsmen uncomfortable. It was that starring as much as his refusal to work that earned him the beatings. When the Guardsmen had finally had enough of his resistance and came to make an example of him, witnesses say he did nothing to defend himself. He simply stared at the soldiers, and smiled that twisted smile. And, one by one, they took out their daggers and slit their own throats. Terrifying though this display of power was, the Imperial Guards were veterans of many battles. Quickly recovering from their shock, the remaining Guards overwhelmed Faelan with their numbers, beating him unconscious. His execution would have followed swiftly if word of his deed hadn't reached the ears of Lord Meru. And so Faelan the slave become Falean the Thrice Blessed, The Magus of House Crassus, a position of near unlimited wealth and influence.


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