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Lore[ | ]

Feng came to Teron with a caravan two decades ago. Nobody knew where he came from or why, but he had the bitterness of a man soured by the memory of the life he lost. He was well versed in languages and the antiquities, but the town already had a loremaster. Fortunately for Feng, the loremaster fell sick and passed away, despite the best efforts of the local alchemist who was quite puzzled by the symptoms. Feng became the new loremaster and even earned the favor of Lord Antidas after discovering several Daratan relics.

Early life[ | ]

He lived in Zhin. When he was young his father's connections had secured his a position at the palace and he thought that his future was all but certain. Asked about his past he says: Zhin is civilized. They don't embarrass the old families by killing their offspring or sending them to rot in dungeons. They send them away for their missteps. I was given the title of a court cartographer and told to depart without delay. The maps had to be verified and updated - a task of great importance that was given the highest priority overnight. I was given three men marked for death to accompany me on my journey. They robed me and ran away a few days after we left Zhin. It took me almost a year to reach Maadoran. Next Master Enarion took him in, taught him how to work with artefacts, how to read people. Enarion dared to venture inside the Abyss so he was killed and Feng had to leave everything again.

Training[ | ]

He can give player training after passing Charisma:[7] check in 15 SP worth of Streetwise/Trading/Persuasion skills after buying Galbo's Ring (item) from him or if player is his apprentice.

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