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Fetching An Army is a quest for Aurelian Praetors.

Lore[ | ]

Travel to Harran's pass in the northern mountains and then to the plains beyond the pass.

Rewards[ | ]

Gaelius path[ | ]

Senna path[ | ]

Quick Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Talk to Gaelius
  2. Talk to Senna
  3. Travel to Harran's Pass
  4. Wait till dark
  5. Wait till morning
  6. Travel to Ordu camp
  7. Deal with Belgutai
  8. Talk to Thorgul
  9. Return to Harran's Pass
  10. Return to Gaelius

Detailed Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Talk to Gaelius
  2. Talk to Senna
    • He wants the player to prevent Ordu from coming to Maadoran and will give you Senna's Letter
  3. Travel to Harran's Pass
    • You will be stopped there by a guard
      • "What business is that of yours?"
        • Fight (you start combat against the whole camp)
        • Wait! (conversation continues)
      • Impersonate:[4], "The Commercium has business interests in the area."
        • Persuasion+Streetwise=[8], "Look, I'm just an employee."
        • (hidden check) Streetwise+Trading=[6], "I'm stating the obvious." (you pay 5000 imperials to go through the pass)
        • Failure - you are forced to stay in the camp
      • Lore+Streetwise=[6], "I'm a loremaster." - they tell you to stay in the camp
      • Streetwise:[3]+Body count:[5], "A trader didn't make it back when he was supposed to. I was hired to find him and bring him back, if he's still alive."
        • Trading+Streetwise=[6], "This trader had a lot of money with him – revenues from several trading outposts."
          • Persuasion:[4], "If I’m stuck here, I’ll get nothing."
        • Failure - you are forced to stay in the camp
      • If you fail any of the primary checks you start combat against the whole camp
  4. Wait till dark
    • Sneak:[4] Get closer
    • Approach them. Slowly.
      • Streetwise:[3], "The Ordu are coming."
      • Trading:[3], "I need to get through the pass right now. I can't waste any more time, sitting here. Name your price."
        • Streetwise:[3], "Tell him that some idiot got drunk and fell off the cliff."
          • Pay him 1000 imperials
    • Wait till morning
  5. Wait till morning
    • You are being interrogated by Bass
      • Persuasion:[3] "I told you..." (if you tried to bribe the guards earlier)
      • If you claimed to be a merchant
        1. Persuasion:[3], Persuasion:[2]+Streetwise:[2]=[5] or Streetwise:[3]+Charisma:[7]
        2. Merchant Background or Streetwise:[3]
      • If you claimed to be a loremaster
        1. Streetwise:[2], "In a week this pass will be swarmed with loremasters trying to get through and the ruins will be picked clean."
        2. Bass shows you a Grooved Sphere.
          • Persuasion:[3]+Lore:[3], "It's too small to be identified, but judging by the metal and the workmanship, it's definitely an artefact."
          • Streetwise:[3]+Lore:[3], "It's a potent charm made from the star metal."
          • If you have a Grooved Sphere in your inventory, the Lore check is reduced by 1
      • If you claimed to be a mercenary
        • "Kemnebi hired me." (if you met him in Maadoran)
          • Streetwise:[3], "Same reason he does anything – money."
            • "Alright. 70/30." (wrong answer)
            • "70/30? Forget about it. Take 50 points and thank Kemnebi when you see him for his generousity." (correct answer)
        • "I'm working for the Commercium."
        • "Marcus Valla." (if you met him in Maadoran)
        • "Go fuck yourself."
          • If you are a Mercenary Background, they will let you go. Otherwise you are killed
  6. Travel to Ordu camp
    • Talk to Thorgul, the khan of the Ordu
      • Calm him down
        1. He will explain that he is opposed by Belgutai
        2. You may ask him about Bolad and the shaman who took him. With Lore:[4] or Intelligence:[7]+Lore:[2], you may figure out that the shaman, Adad, was actually Abu Hassan Ibn Hadad
      • Provoke him (if you want to side with Senna)
        • Persuasion:[4], "Did you really think that you'd come to Maadoran as Gaelius' equal?"
        • Streetwise:[4], "You have only yourself to blame, Thorgul."
  7. Deal with Belgutai
    • You can challenge and kill him. This will allow Ordu to move out
    • Ask him why he doesn't want to come to Maadoran
      • Streetwise:[3], "Being free isn't much good to you if you're dead, and comes winter, you will be."
        • Persuasion:[4], "The Ordu way sounds surprisingly like every other way these days."
        • Lore:[4], "Bolad wasn't afraid to leave the plains and go to Maadoran alone." (if you learned about Bolad)
      • "Why indeed? Stay on the plains then." (if you want to side with Senna)
        1. Persuasion:[3]+Charisma:[7], "If there are people who will give the Ordu food and steel to come to Maadoran..."
        2. Persuasion:[4]+Streetwise:[4], "That's where it gets a bit complicated, Belgutai."
        3. If you convince him, he will kill Thorgul and together you will fight four Bondsmen
  8. Talk to Thorgul
    • Wait till the Ordu take the pass
    • Offer to return to the pass to help Ordu
  9. Return to Harran's Pass
    • Talk to Bass
      • If you sabotaged the Ordu, you can show Bass Senna's Letter and he will let you go
      • If you helped Ordu, you will fight Bass, Archer, Auxiliary and a Legionary
    • If you decided to wait, Ordu will take the camp in the meantime and you will be able to loot Grooved Sphere from Bass' corpse
      • Thorgul will tell you that the Imperial Guards army led by Carbo will be here in few hours
        • If Belgutai is alive, you can ask him to attack the enemy and buy enough time for rest of Ordu to escape
        • You can alternatively go and talk to Carbo and convince him to let Ordu go
          1. Streetwise:[4]
          2. Persuasion:[4] or if you failed, Streetwise:[5]
          3. Intelligence:[7]+Persuasion:[5]
        • If you fail to convince Carbo and Belgutai is dead, the only thing you can do is to return to Maadoran empty-handed
  10. Return to Gaelius

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