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Fool Me Twice... is a quest line spanning multiple locations.

Quick Walkthrough[]

  1. Talk with Miltiades
  2. Kill the thugs
  3. Accept the deal
  4. Deal with the Noble
  5. Find Miltiades in Teron
  6. Find Miltiades in Maadoran

Detailed Walkthrough[]

  1. Talk with Miltiades out the right side of Teron Merchants Plaza, and agree to follow him.
  2. Kill the thugs inside the house (2 Combat SP) - Note that there is a safe spot between the oven and the table, allowing you to be attacked only by of thug at a time.
  3. (Optional) Lockpick:[3] to open the door in the room, with a chest containing: 2 lbs. Steel, 1 Whetstone.
  4. Make a deal with Miltiades, or kill him. Kill him now and you forfeit the quest line. His current loot is: Expensive Robe, 102 Gold, Steel Pugio.
  5. Deal with the noble and his bodyguards that come back instead of Miltiades.
  6. Talk to Miltiades in Teron. He is standing across the street from the Teron Blacksmith and Feng's House by a burned out building.
    • Kill him now, forfeiting the quest line. He has the same loot as earlier, except more gold, 574 instead of 102.
    • Take the 472 Gold he offers you, and agree to meet him in Maadoran.
  7. When you enter the Maadoran Slums, enter the building directly to the left. Miltiades is currently about to die to a beating, and asks you to save him from his fate.
  8. If you choose to save him, there will be three Thieves Guild thugs to fight. This option will decrease -6 reputation with the Thieves Guild.
  9. Miltiades will ask you one more promise of gold. If you accept it you will be taken to the Merchant Area. Here you need to kill an old noble with his two sons.
  10. If you accept his request, after you killed the noble you will receive 2104 Imperials and 6 Skill Points.