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Fool Me Twice... is part of a quest line spanning multiple locations.

If you're up for another exciting adventure, look Miltiades up when you go to Maadoran. You never know, it might be big.

Quick Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Find Miltiades in Maadoran

Detailed Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Find Miltiades in Maadoran. (detailed in NPC_Miltiades_02.xml)
    1. When you enter the Maadoran Slums, enter the building directly to the left. Miltiades is currently about to die to a beating, and asks you to save him from his fate.
      • If you choose violence, there will be three Thieves Guild thugs to fight. This option will decrease -6 reputation with the Thieves Guild.
      • If you use your street cred with the Thieves Guild, you can resolve this without fighting.
    2. Miltiades will ask you one more promise of gold. If you accept it you will be taken to the Merchant Area. Here you need to kill an old noble (Gaius Cornelius Varus) with his two sons.
    3. If you accept his request, after you killed the noble you will receive 2104 Imperials and 5 Skill Points.

Aftermath[ | ]

Miltiades will gain a title of "Lord" and will have an impact on the politics in Ganezzar.

Quest Line[ | ]

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Side Quest: Miltiades