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Banner of the Forty Thieves

The Forty Thieves is one of the factions that operate in the Empire.

The Thieves' Guild is a sprawling and shadowy network of burglars, smugglers, and other criminally inclined citizens, operating wherever men gather in significant numbers. The guild traces its origin to the early days of the Empire, when the kingpins of the forty largest towns were said to form a council overseeing all illegal activity. Whatever the relationship, if any, between the Forty Thieves of yore and its current incarnation, the name persists.

Background[ | ]


Arena Master

"You're wise beyond your years, my friend. Why not indeed? Your first opponent is a newcomer like you. Fancies himself a thief. Poor bastard thinks we live like animals, without rules and laws. He thought anyone can come here and start picking pockets without getting the guild's blessing first. So the guild turned him in."

"Not from around here, are you? I was talking about the Forty Thieves guild, one of the oldest in the Empire. The name goes back to the good ol' days, when kingpins from the forty largest cities of the Empire controlled pretty much everything that the law frowned upon."

~ Arena Master

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Quests[ | ]

  1. Vignette
  2. Taking Care Of Business
  3. Linos' Gold
  4. Escape From Teron
  1. Discovering The Neighbourhood
  2. The Magic Jar
  3. Welcome To The Slums
  4. Payback
  1. The Mole-Rat
  2. Don't Suffer A Witch To Live (Forty Thieves)
  3. The Siege

Members[ | ]