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Lord Gaelius is the head of House Aurelian and resides in Maadoran Palace.

Lord Gaelius, named after his glorious ancestor, is the 27th Lord of House Aurelian. The glorious ancestor had enough foresight to pull his legions out when the Empire started crumbling and take several eastern cities, establishing a new dominion. This foresight was never properly appreciated by other Houses, and House Aurelian had to spend considerable resources to keep its enemies at bay. When Gaelius took the reins, the House no longer had enough troops to fight aggressive wars on several fronts, which left him with only one weapon - diplomacy. In two decades Gaelius restored the weakened balance of power by masterfully playing his enemies against each other, preventing them from combining their efforts to topple his House.



"The realm needs a king," states Antidas firmly. "Had Gaelius been a worthy leader, I would have bent my knee and served him as faithfully as my House had served the Empire, but he isn't. He doesn't care about our past, our glory. He doesn't want to rebuild. He simply wants to rule these ruins, sitting on them like a squatter."

~ Antidas

 on his motives


"Gaelius has all the makings of a great lord. Unfortunately, he's too clever for his own good and that makes him more dangerous than Antidas and Meru combined.

"Antidas wants a larger piece of the pie. Gaelius wants it all and unless we find a way to stop him, he'll get there eventually. As for Meru, he's just an idiot."

~ Linos

 on Gaelius

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