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Gender is one of the attributes selected during Character Creation.

Gender does not affect your character stats. Occasionally, different choices may become available in dialogues.

Differentiated Checks[ | ]

Warning: content beyond this point contains spoilers.

Gender differentiated Skills check appear to be limited to Act I.

Getting Into Teron Palace[ | ]

Main article: Teron Palace

Dellar watches you without expression. When you get close enough, he gestures you to stop and studies you for awhile. "What do you want?" He finally asks as if he failed to guess the purpose of your visit and is genuinely curious.

  • [impersonate]"You dare question a noble-born? Step aside before I lose my patience."

"Very kind of you, my [Lord/Lady]. I must admit that I'm shocked to see you here unannounced and without an entourage."

  • [persuasion][charisma]"I'm on a mission of a very delicate nature. The less attention is drawn to it, the better. You can't be too careful these days."

Getting Mercato to join[ | ]

Main article: A Friend In Need

"I'm not here to talk. If you want to play a game, have a seat. Otherwise, get lost."

  • [dexterity][streetwise]Play a game of chance with Mercato. Attempt to cheat
    • If Male, requires Charisma:[9]
    • If Female, requires Charisma:[8]

[failure]The fortune didn't favor you today. You lost 40 imperials.

  • [dexterity][streetwise]Play a game of chance with Mercato. Attempt to cheat
    • If Male, requires Charisma:[8]
    • If Female, requires Charisma:[7]

Assaulting Teron's towers[ | ]

The crossbowman is going to be a problem either way though. His death would make your life a whole lot easier. Maybe you should try to distract the guards and send a man up there to get rid of him. Or you can ask one of your men to do the talking while you go there. If you are fast and quiet enough, you could make it.

  • [charisma]Distract the guards and send one of your men to take care of the crossbowman.
    • If Male, requires Charisma:[7]
    • If Female, requires Charisma:[6]

Delivering Poisoned Wine to the Outpost[ | ]

Main article: The Outpost Supplies

"Why Rhaskos couldn't come?" asks the guard suspiciously.

  • [impersonate][streetwise]"He sprained his ankle and asked me to step in for him."
    • If Male, requires Impersonate (min 2)+Streetwise (min 2)=[6]
    • If Female, requires Impersonate (min 2)+Streetwise (min 2)=[5]
    • Otherwise, Impersonate:[2]+Charisma:[8] to fool them.