The Age of Decadence Wiki

Requisites for the God Ending:

  • Find a Surgical Kit in the Library of Saross (requires Grooved Sphere and 8 PER).
  • Access the Medical Chamber in the Monastery Interior Chamber (the Mountain Facility). This can be done by going through the well in Maadoran's slums (requires Large Module), or by using the console at Zamedi to search the databanks about the portal network (requires 10 Lore and 8 INT, or learning the console operation from the demon at Inferiae).
  • Go to Al-Akia and don't allow Meru to live, either by sabotaging the ritual or by killing him afterwards.
  • Enter Hellgate and find The Divine Spear.
  • Give the Divine Spear to Bentanagbal in Hellgate, inquire about the Surgical Kit and accept performing the ritual on you, going firstly to the Medical Chamber in the Monastery and then to the chamber in Al-Akia.
  • Have a minimum of 7 CON and 7 INT to repel the invading entity.
  • Enjoy the ending!