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Hammer is one of the skills in The Age of Decadence.

One of the earliest weapons known to man, the hammer is designed for a simple purpose: to bludgeon your opponents to death. Powerful blows from a hammer have been known to knock even the strongest men from their feet.

Synergy[ | ]

For each point invested in hammer, you get these attack bonus: 1 for dagger; 1 for sword; 3 for axe; 1 for spear.

Skill Level[ | ]

  1. Give it a swing. How hard can it be?
  2. Your uncoordinated swipes throw you wildly off balance.
  3. You're discovered that swinging your hammer wildly will only get you so far.
  4. If only they would stand still, eh?
  5. Countless hours spent hammering on armor and shields have helped to develop a fluid swing.
  6. Your straightforward attacks are savage, but leave you wide open for a gutting.
  7. Short, vicious chops smash helmets and skulls and keep professional killers on their heels.
  8. You welcome heavily armored prey. Few are quick enough to dodge, and the dead weight they carry offers scant protection from your doomhammer.
  9. The trail of broken skulls and savagely dented metal you leave in your wake speaks of your skill.
  10. You've mastered the art of crushing skulls.[1]

Passive[ | ]

For other passives, see Weapons.
% chance to dent opponent's armor by 2 DR. - this conflicts with the documentation on "Weapons".

Level Chance Delta
1 2% n/a
2 5% 3%
3 9% 4%
4 13% 4%
5 18% 5%
6 23% 5%
7 29% 6%
8 35% 6%
9 42% 7%
10 50% 8%

References[ | ]